The Brown family got a wheelchair accessible mini-van thanks to generous donations.

The family’s son, Max was born with Cerebral Palsy and a real zest for life. They say as he gets older and bigger, it makes it difficult to get Max into a vehicle from his wheelchair.

Thanks to donations from a GoFundMe campaign and the Steelman Family Foundation, the Brown family now has a mini-van that is wheelchair accessible through United Access.

Caring for Max is a full-time effort. Max has impaired motor function, limited cognitive abilities and must get around with the help of a wheelchair.

Max’s father serves as a South Jordan police officer while holding down two additional jobs. His mother works as a dental hygienist at three different offices. Managing four jobs and three children is no small effort.

Things like wheelchair ramps for their homes and medical bills can be costly. These organizations and foundations exist to help families like the Browns afford such necessities.

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