Kind Words

The Hoffman Family

"Thanks to you, Bryten was able to become the first wheelchair track athlete for our school district, and was able to travel, train, and compete. Thanks to you she got to find her wings. Thank you!"

The Brown Family

"Max was so excited for his new van!"

The McDonald Family

"We will forever be grateful to the Steelman Family Foundation, who gave us the most generous grant! Our handicap accessible van has been such a blessing. We are now able to safely transport Addie and easily go places as a family. We are extremely excited to be taking the van to Gulf Shores this summer on our first family vacation. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"

The Larsen Family

"Getting the eight of us to fit into our minivan has become a struggle, so we usually end up driving two vehicles if we want to go anywhere as a family. With two adults, two teenagers, four kids in car seats, and one wheelchair, we feel like sardines packed in a tin. We aspire to be a close-knit family, but being wedged together in one vehicle isn’t quite what we had in mind. Having a van that would accommodate us all would be a lifesaver."

The Hoffman Figgins Family

"Just thanking you again for the van. You have no idea how many it’s blessed. Yesterday I transported a family to medical because the lift “forgot” them. Without this van they would have missed appointments."

Michelle Fullington

"The mailman brought with him the title to KiraVan today. I'm reminded once again how amazingly blessed we are to have such a beautiful, safe and dependable vehicle to transport Kira in. Not only do we get to drive it, but it's FULLY PAID FOR! Words are NEVER enough, but once again, thank you Rene'...if there's every ANYTHING I can to do help pay this forward, please let me know!"

Steffany Baker

"For the last couple of weeks, I've been waking up with you on my mind. Because of my own faith convictions, I've been lifting up no small number of prayers for you and the family. But this morning, as I drove, there was a license plate in front of me as I stopped at a light, and there was your name on it... So this is me, someone who I know barely knows you, but who truly cares for no small number of reasons, checking in on you and hoping to see if all is well. You're never far from thought, as you often come to mind as I drive my tribe around in this van you so graciously helped get us. But beyond that, I truly do care about how you're fairing. Please feel free to drop me a line if there's anything our house can do for your house. You ALWAYS have a forever friend out here,"

The Clegg Family

""The van has been such a blessing. It's been so nice not to have to lift the wheelchair in and out of the back of a car. Or lift Ethen in and out. I know this is something that will continue to bless our family as Ethen continues to grow. He loves telling people about his van!""

The Bradshaw Family

"We wanted to thank you and tell you what wonderful people you and your family are; words cannot adequately describe how we feel about your generosity on our behalf. Our family is so humbled by your extremely large donation towards helping us get the mini van that we have been waiting to purchase for over a year now. We are the Bradshaws: Tom, Karen, Savannah (14), Jonah (11), and Corbin (9). Our kids are wonderful and teach us so much and we're extremely lucky to have them. In 2005, halfway through the pregnancy of our second child, Jonah, during a routine ultrasound we were told there were complications and we were immediately referred to a perinatologist to find out more. That doctor, Dr. Byrne, diagnosed Jonah at 19 weeks with a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). Due to this syndrome, Jonah has very limited use of his arms and legs. Continue reading “The Bradshaw Family” »"