My name is Jennifer & I’m a single mom of 2 awesome girls. My oldest is 6 yrs old & is extremely smart. Her name is Jazmin, she’s in 1st grade & is surpassing the other students in her class. She’s also a very good big sister, she loves helping take care of her little sister, she’s a very happy & fun loving child. My youngest is 3 yrs old & has a disorder called Trisomy 18 aka Edwards syndrome. The disorder has caused her to have several surgeries & hospitalizations from having a compromised immune system, she’s also mortally deaf & partially blind
Most of her organs have problems & she’s unable to actually talk except to say momma occasionally & has caused her to be wheelchair bound & sadly that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her, but she does tons of stuff I was told she would never do like suck her thumb, roll over, experience joy etc. She loves to roll around in her bed & play with toys that have bright lights, rattles, bells & she loves music, she rolls her feet around & bobs her head to music. But despite the odds she is still alive even though her life expectancy was a max of 3 months. She is now almost 4 yrs old.
I’m especially thankful to the Steeleman Foundation for donating the money to buy a wheelchair accessible van for our family. It truly has made our lives so much easier cause now we are able to get to places & mostly appointments in a timely manner & without people constantly touching her even though she has a sign requesting them not to. It also helps her not get sick so much. Thank you so very much again. You guys are a huge blessing.