We wanted to thank you and tell you what wonderful people you and your family are; words cannot adequately describe how we feel about your generosity on our behalf. Our family is so humbled by your extremely large donation towards helping us get the mini van that we have been waiting to purchase for over a year now.

We are the Bradshaws: Tom, Karen, Savannah (14), Jonah (11), and Corbin (9). Our kids are wonderful and teach us so much and we’re extremely lucky to have them.

In 2005, halfway through the pregnancy of our second child, Jonah, during a routine ultrasound we were told there were complications and we were immediately referred to a perinatologist to find out more. That doctor, Dr. Byrne, diagnosed Jonah at 19 weeks with a condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC). Due to this syndrome, Jonah has very limited use of his arms and legs.

The remainder of the pregnancy was extremely scary because there was a chance Jonah might not make it through delivery. We spent many months wondering and worrying about our child. When the day of his birth finally arrived, Jonah came out fighting and with an attitude of, “What’s the big deal? Let’s play!”

Jonah has continued with that same amazing attitude throughout all of his 11 years of life. He is an inspiration to us and to all of those around him. He is the most positive and the happiest kid we know. He doesn’t worry about how his body works differently from others; he just wants to do what everyone else is doing and can usually find a way to do it. His outlook on life makes other kids and other adults feel extremely comfortable to be around him; his example of acceptance of himself as he is helps others to feel happy about themselves.

When looking for a new vehicle for transporting Jonah and his electric wheelchair, we wanted to find one that allowed him to sit next to his siblings while still riding his wheelchair. This is part of the reason it took us so long to find the perfect van. Our goal to find the right van with the right seat configuration took time. We were thrilled to finally find that there was a van design that would allow Jonah to be close to his brother and sister while traveling and in the price range we were hoping for.

When we came so close to achieving our goal, we were disappointed to find out that financing wasn’t going to cover the entire amount. However, you brought us to our goal and our dream the day Tonya at Performance Mobility told us about your grant. We were even more ecstatic when she told us that you wrote a check for the amount financing would not cover.

Again, thank you! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We are so happy that you were able to help us out when we really needed it. You are wonderful and will forever remain angels in our hearts!