About René

About René

My mission is to bring hope, value, and strength to your life as you have never known.

We live in a world in which happiness is touted as the main goal of our very existence. When we find our lives filled with anguish, sorrow, or hopelessness, we blame ourselves, we isolate, we give up, we internalize.

My goal is let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We have been placed on this earth to lift each other up, to bear one another’s burdens. You will listen to other’s as they share their heartbreak, how they have survived having their destiny re-arranged, their life plans rewritten.

I am a midwestern girl, raised in corn country with common sense ingrained in my DNA. (I think that may be a pun!) I come from a long line of strong matriarchal women who demonstrated with word and actions that life is not for the faint of heart.

I am a veteran of the US Navy and served in an era of few woman recruits and lots of sexual harassment. I learned early in my career as the only woman in the Navy photo lab that I had to fight for my rights and my respect.

I have learned many life lessons as a wife, a mother, and now a grandmother. I will share my aged wisdom with you and help you to dream again, hope again, and live the life that you were meant to experience.

I planned to have a large family, I didn’t plan on having a disabled child that I would care for my entire life. Though I thought I had raised my children with my second act on course to begin, I hadn’t planned on having grandchildren with Autism, a widowed daughter at the age of 25, and a grandson move home for my husband and I to raise.

My commitment to you is to find friends, family, and community who are prepared to share their wisdom, give you encouragement, and lift you up, even for a moment.

I would love to meet you, hear your story, help me, help you, as Jerry Maguire would say!